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Trust Us For Fountain Valley Water Heater Replacement

If your current water heater isn'tOur Fountain Valley Plumbing Service Installs Tankless Water Heaters living up to your expectations and you are considering a replacement, there are two major replacement systems to choose from – standard storage style water heaters and tankless water heater systems. Our Fountain Valley CA plumbing service can also install solar water heaters, but we rarely suggest them because they are not nearly as efficient and they don't provide enough water heating to cover an entire household.

We advocate the use of a tankless water heating system. These systems are far more energy efficient than storage style systems, last about twice as long on average and are cheaper and easier to repair. The initial cost is slightly higher than a storage tank but will pay itself off in energy savings and replacement costs relatively quickly. Our Fountain Valley CA plumbing service installs Rinnai and Takagi tankless systems almost daily. We recommend gas powered versions as the electric models can have issues processing hard water and often need internal heating element replacements during their lifetime. The electric versions also produce only half as much hot water per minute as the gas versions.

Conventional Water Heater Installation

While we suggest tankless systems, Our Fountain Valley Plumbing Team Does Conventional Water Heater Repairthat doesn't mean we don't install storage type systems as well. If you do choose to go with a storage system from Bradford White or State Water Heaters we do suggest that you also purchase an insulation sleeve and an under unit heat reflector to help reduce water heating costs.

In any case, our Fountain Valley plumbing service will come in and talk with you about your options and help you decide on the best course of action for your particular situation. Our goal is to get you the best long term solution for your plumbing needs and deliver it in a cost effective manner. Call our staff today and schedule a water heater replacement today!

call now: 714-613-1985